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Production Dates:  28-29 October  2016

Venue:  The Roses Theatre


Our modern-day Faustus sells his soul to the devil in exchange for - what?  

This exciting new production follows the tragic hero, played by local musician Ian Bishop, on his rise from lowly busker to celebrity chart topper. The play also featured blues tracks and original music performed by members of the cast.  The temptation of fame and wealth is Faustus' flaw and leads to his drug-induced downfall.  


Dr Faustus

Ian Bishop


Geoff Guy

Wagner /

Lord Scala of Padua /  Sloth

Ali Baxter

Valdes / Lord Bureau of France / Goodfellow / Pride

Peter Asphar

Cordelia / Gluttony

Jane Calvert


Jane Hughes


Geoff Matthews

Dill/Police Commissioner

Catherine Megan Russell

Caesar / Belzebubl

Pam Jell


Robert Starling

Juno / God / Envy / Mediator

Evie Calvert

Mrs Goodfellow / Covetousness / Mediator

Philippa Devine

Helen / Lechery / Mediator

Diana Palmer

Wrath / Mediatorr

Nancy Spanner


Evie Calvert,  Diana Palmer,

Catherine Megan Russell, Nancy Spanner, Philippa Devine, Jane Calvert, Jane Hughes, Pam Jell, Robert Starling, Peter Asphar



Dr Faustus


Christopher Marlowe


Original Contributions  

Faustus’ Theme

Written & Performed by

Ian Bishop

Turning The Screw

Written & Performed by

Ian Bishop

Wagner’s Theme

Written & Performed by

Ali Baxter

Las Vegas Artwork

Created by

Jane Calvert

The Crew

Director & Producer

Oonagh Hughes

Stage Manager

Paul Roberts

Assistant Stage Manager

Geoff Matthews

Costumes & Furnishings

Jane Hughes

Lighting Design

Paul Roberts

Lighting & Sounfd Operator

Morgan Beecher

Set Design

Oonagh Hughes

Set Construction

Geoff Matthews & Nathan Bevan

Set Painting

Geoff Matthews, Nathan Bevan, Jane Clatworthy, Beth Leibbrandt, Jane Hughes, Oonagh Hughes & Carrie Sermon

Sign Painting

Beth Leibbrandt,

Film Editing

Matt Butwell

Front of House Co-ordinator

Brenda Read-Brown

Poster Design

Oonagh Hughes, Chris Leibbrandt & Caroline Lawrence