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Entertaining the Tewkesbury community with high quality amateur dramatic productions for over 30 years

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Wyrd Sisters

Terry Pratchett’s novel adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs, presented in The Roses Theatre.

March 2019

Drama workshop

An evening of fun and drama in the Town Hall, Tewkesbury, focusing on themes from Terry Pratchett.

July 2018


A one-act play by Brenda Read-Brown - our entry in the Worcestershire Play festival. A couple have been seeing each other for nearly three years, and it’s time they found out a bit more about their pasts…

April 2018

Drama workshop

An evening of fun and drama in the Town Hall, Tewkesbury, with a focus on the one-act play, Psychopath

November 2017

Much ado about nothing

Shakespeare’s play with a new 1970s twist

September 2017

Tewkesbury’s Big Weekend

TADS provided entertainment at various times during the day, at the Watson Hall including poetry  & singing performances

12-14 May 2017

Drama Workshop

An evening of fun & drama at the Town Hall, Tewkesbury

27 April 2017

Dr Faustus

Tewkesbury Arts & Drama Society (TADS) produced a modern day adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's classic play, Dr Faustus.

October 2016

Our Tewkesbury

The 30th Our Tewkesbury event was a chance to meet up with many of the local groups. TADS supported this event with music & poetry.

July 2016

Rocks Off

A one act play by Brenda Read-Brown.

March 2016

Culinary Solution

A One Act Play by Geoff Guy about a long married couple and how they  deal with a blackmailer.


The Poodle Tree

A One Act Play by Brenda Read-Brown showing the relationship between two sisters when clearing out their mother’s house


Fund Raiser 2015

Performances of The Poodle Tree, Culinary Solution The No Good Nancies, the Future Set, Laura Morris, Marianne Gaston, & various other TADS members.



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