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Rocks Off




Production Dates:  6th of March 2016

This performance was at Worcestershire Theatre Festival at The Norbury Theatre, Droitwich




Pam Jell


Lianne Abel


Geoff Guy

Voice 1

Jane Hughes

Voice 2

Allan Wollaston



Brenda Read-Brown

Stage Manager

Oonagh Hughes

Sound & Lighting

Paul Roberts

Set Design

Brenda Read-Brown

Set Construction

Geoff Matthews


Oonagh Hughes

Geoff Matthews

Written by

Brenda Read-Brown


Best comedy


Best Set Design

It is the last play in the one-act play festival, and the beleaguered Adjudicator has not read the script. His conscience nags at him, but his real inner self feels that he has had to put up with a great deal, considering the nature of the plays he has sat through so far.

The play starts, with the deliberate management of a pause. Soon the Adjudicator realises that the two characters, Muriel and Chardonnay, represent penguins, in a heavy-footed allegorical drama.

The Adjudicator finds a note in the script addressed to him. He manages to read it, while watching the play and writing comments. It is from the director of the play, offering herself to him in exchange for an award. He is tempted, thinking he knows who has made the offer, and his comments change direction. But then he realises that the director is also the woman playing the part of Muriel, and his enthusiasm wanes.

Driven to distraction by this need for prizes, and by the repetitive dialogue in the play, he eventually bursts into a rant, and storms from the theatre, leaving the hapless penguins to bring everything to a conclusion.



The Bishampton Barnstormers Anniversary Trophy For Comedy