Talent Unlocked – 24th October 2021

There was something special about being at this event: a feeling that we were part of something meaningful and unique. It isn’t very often that adults (younger and older) are invited to share such a variety of talents. TADS’ Talent Unlocked event, on October 24th, saw eight finalists competing for prize money, with high quality performances in dance, drama, and music. 

The four judges gave excellent critiques of each act and chose the top three performances. Emma Parrott, The Heat, and Tewkesbury Pub Singers were then voted upon by the members of the audience. A huge congratulations to winners The Heat, and to the runner-up, Emma Parrott.

TADS would like to thank everyone involved, especially those who were brave enough to enter and share their talents with the public. Every single performance was brilliant, and every performer commented on how much they’d enjoyed being involved in this event. 

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”

Benjamin Franklin

“It’s time to get involved again in the things you love. Why not consider joining Tewkesbury Arts and Drama Society (TADS), The Heat (or the over 40s version: The Dames), or Tewkesbury Pub Singers (TPS) by finding them on Facebook? We have so much talent to celebrate in this town – let’s continue to share it!”

Oonagh Hughes, Marketing Officer, TADS.


Mansfield-Smith, Dog in a Pen written by Guy Mansfield-Smith;

Aaron Relf, Is this a Dagger, The ScottishPlay (Macbeth);

Emma Parrott, Vocals, With You from the musical Ghost, by Dave Stewart and Glenn Ballard;

Elliot Handley, Piano, Clare De Lune by Debussy;

The HEAT, dance, ‘Persona’;

Daniel Flatman, Guitar, The Last of Us by Gustavo Santaolalla;

Helen den Dulk, Monologue, Queen Margaret of Anjou from Shakespear’s Henry VI, Part III, Act 1, Scene 4;

Tewkesbury Pub Singers, Sway