Wyrd Sisters – 23rd and 24th March 2019

Wyrd Sisters is set in Discworld. There’s a lot of magic in Discworld, but also people just like us, who fall in love and babysit and go to the theatre; who pay (or don’t pay) their taxes; who conjure up demons.

It all starts when King Verence is murdered. A loyal soldier rescues his baby son, the prince, and takes him to find refuge…

This production aimed to capture the flavour of Pratchett’s novel, using a soundscape and lighting effects to set the many different scenes. It achieved the highest ticket sales for any TADS’ production.

“I think one of the best parts about being in Wyrd Sisters with TADS was how close we all bonded as a cast and crew. We all became brilliant friends, and I think that really showed in our performances!”

Katie Preedy, Magrat

“Wyrd Sisters was the biggest production I’ve been involved in. It was like mountain-climbing – hard work, but wow, what a feeling when it all works!”

Brenda Read-Brown, Director

“Wyrd Sisters was a fun play to be involved in.”

Marcus Wise, Tomjon
Watch the performance here