Gaslight (2): 20th & 21st March 1991

We liked this Victorian thriller so much, we did it again!

NODA full adjudication:
A traditional play, written in the days when life was slower, when the Theatre was king. Radio was not a threat and TV had not been born: Consequently life was more sedate, much slower, and women knew their place. The appeal of the play is to people who enjoy seeing an actor perform, and to hear the use of traditional English. The modern audience were way ahead of the plot. The result was a satisfactory relaxed evening, and the delight in seeing a job well done. A nice simple set, well managed. The use on ‘bungy’ elastic on the bell rope would have helped. Good costumes except for Mr. Manningham’s collars, and Nancy’s boots. I’m not too sure about the matches, my friend says that she would have put a paner taper into the fire. Good performances by all the cast, very believable characters. Good lighting. Good FOH. Well done

John Stower, NODA Adjudicator