The Hypochondriac: July 1991

The Imaginary Invalid, The Hypochondriac, or The Would-Be Invalid is a three-act comédie-ballet by the French playwright Molière.

This was an outdoor production.

This was performed twice in 1991. The first was at Puckrup Hall (who actually asked us to do something, and provided the very good lighting) and was staged near their main hall. The evening was oppressive and some noisy thunder and spectacular lightning accompanied us. I was expecting an electronic disaster but it was OK.

The second was at Mitton Manor. ‘Off stage’ was a low circle of box hedging some way from the acting area. My main recollection is of Megan Russell’s exit. I wanted her to rush off in fury/despair, can’t remember which, but I wanted a high speed departure and Megan did as I asked but tripped in full flight and went over the box hedge like a steeple-chaser, suddenly disappearing behind it – which is what I wanted, sort of.

Geoff Guy, Director