My Giddy Aunt: December 1984

My Giddy Aunt

A hilarious comedy thriller by Ray Cooney and John Chapman set in India.

For a few years in the Stan Stennet era TADS abandoned – or were kept off- the main stage and performed on staging in a corner of the upstairs bar. It was cramped, and performance quality varied. I recall one play, ‘My Giddy Aunt’; it was set in India and the director sourced some big-game animal heads to go on the walls. A rhinoceros was preferred. I knew that Eastnor Castle had a big collection of heads and the owner kindly agreed to help. I called one evening. He asked what I wanted: I said – ‘A rhino’ – he said politely it might he difficult, and pointed to it. It was bigger than my car. We settled for a wart-hog and (I think) an okapi. (None of which were Indian animals, but they looked OK.)

Geoff Guy, Actor