Deadly Nightcap: 10th June 1989

Mystery and intrigue going on in the family.

A murder? I might have had a very small part in this one but nobody saw nuthin’ right.

Jane Hughes as Anna Truman

Pictured David Ward, Jane Hughes and Philip Davis. I remember Karen Jordan, now Lawton, being a very good director which made for a creative and rewarding experience.

Diana Hayes as Sarah Radford

We do it because we love it.
Rehearsals are such good fun!
Does anyone know what we were laughing at?
You must take this seriously.
It’s not easy, putting your heart and soul into it after a day’s work.
Three weeks to go…
Boredom sets in.
Don’t worry about the set . . . . yet!
Last minute rescue attempts in progress.
What do you mean you still haven’t learnt them?
Dress rehearsal is abysmal.
Director contemplates genocide.
Matinee beckons.
Three minutes to curtain!
Scuffles break out near the only loo!
One minute, places please! Guaranteed to induce hysterics.
Two and a half hours later.
Copious amounts of gin….
Knew we’d be brilliant!
To all those who understand the terror and the elation. Hope you had a wonderful evening.

Karen Jordan, Director