Murder Mistaken: 22nd-24th November 1990

A thriller that tells of a man who kills his wife to get her money. This play is ingenious in the way the plot twists and turns.

‘Murder Mistaken’ was published in 1953. It was successful in its day, and a film based on the play was made, under a different title. Although not a ‘period’ play in the usual sense, its 1950’s atmosphere does not transplant well to the present day and we therefore tried to reproduce the period in which it was written.

Geoff Guy, Director

NODA full adjudication:
A very good, well written play, requiring 4 good ladies and 2 good men. A simple one set production, consisting of a good door into the Hall, a good pair of French Windows, and a Gas Fire which is subsequently replaced by an Open One. This production had everything except the tires. Very believable characters, I know them all, I’ve met all of them somewhere. It soon became obvious that we were not going to see a detective story, or a who dunnit, but a ‘would he get away with it?’. This was played out to the end. The pace never flagged. The scene changes gave us time to think. There were enough twists in the storyline to maintain our interest. A good set, nice to see both sides of the door into the hall painted, and the hall decorated. Good properties, nice to hear a cork ‘pop’ on stage (hang the expense). Good effects and special effects, except for the fires. Very good costumes and hair styles. The best play I’ve seen for a long time. Congratulations to Geoff. Very well cast, everyone was so natural.

Very Good. Good change of moods. Good body language. A gem of a character.

Very good. Very good face and body language. Shame you had to go so soon.

Good characterisation. Believable.

Very good. From the hair down to the shoes you were ‘Teddy’. Very good change of moods. Very good control.

Very believable. I have a relation just like you.

Very good. A good subtle change of character into Dora. A beautiful entrance at the end. You had won!!
Shame he ran off. PS. I now know how Richard does it. He drinks Carling Black Label.

Talented bunch but with the same-old story!
Tewkesbury Amateur Dramatic Society are a very talented bunch. They have some excellent actors, directors and crew amongst their members and obviously put a lot of hard work into their productions. So why do they consistently choose such unexciting plays?

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