She Stoops to Conquer: 23rd March 1993

On tour with Goldsmith’s classic play.

Performed initially at The Hobnails – in the bloody bowling alley, and I do mean the alley itself. The cast were hidden (a bit) by a sheet over the skittles end and acted on the alley bed. It was the idea of the Hobnails’ owner to celebrate the pub’s 300th anniversary and initially being directed by Fred Habgood but he had to leave temporarily for private reasons, so I got it. I think, in the circumstances, we did OK. Fred had acquired from somewhere an elderly bloke for one of the parts. He was clearly an actor of some experience, but he greatly enjoyed the confined area behind the sheet in the alley which brought him into contact with the women, which they did not appreciate.
We also performed it at Apperley Village Hall on our own extremely limited staging – so again, it was very cramped; and I think we did a performance at the Roses.

Geoff Guy, Director and Mr Hardcastle

Playing a lady and a common wench was a hoot in this Tads on tour production and it’s always nice to perform in a pub.

Jane Hughes as Kate Hardcastle