Habeas Corpus: 21st-23rd January 2010

The action revolves around the thwarted libidos of the principal characters. The title of the play is an old legal term habeas corpus, which translates from Latin as “you shall have the body”. It is set in and around the Wicksteeds’ house in Hove, on the south coast of England.

Being given the chance to perform a play by my favourite writer was lovely for numerous reasons. The performance was of course a huge element, but feeling part of a community and making so many new friends was an equally important aspect which made the whole experience one I’ll never forget.

Jesse Benns as Dennis Wicksteed

Habeas Corpus was my third time ‘treading the boards’ with TADS. A hilarious riot of a farce (on stage and in rehearsals). I do love comedies and knowing the cast so well ensured rehearsals were very much looked forward to.

Paul Smart as Sir Percy Shorter