Cinderella: December 1977

I joined TADS almost by accident . Dorothy Abbey was TADS’ musical director and also accompanied my wife and me for singing, which was my main concern. TADS wanted a song for – something – which I did. Dorothy asked me to be in the pantomime, Cinderella’. I think this was 1977.

The Roses Theatre then was Council run (after a fearful, disastrous period with an over-arty independent management). TADS and Manor Players were allowed to do the pantomime on alternate years. It seemed to me the two societies were competing to show who could produce the most appallingly amateurish show. The cast, set-builders and everyone enjoyed it mightily, the audiences rather less. One matineé was booked by the Dowty Social Club for their kids. Most of the parents got their offspring in and escaped for a few hours. The kids ran riot; it was quite scary.

Geoff Guy