Psychopath: 8th April 2018

TADS’ entry in the Worcestershire Theatre Festival.

Brenda Read-Brown’s Psychopath won the trophy for Best Set and was proudly nominated for Best Original Piece of Theatre, Best Actor (Allan Wollaston), Best Actress (Katie Preedy), and Best Director (Brenda Read-Brown).

Tim and Susie have been seeing each other for nearly three years, but so far Susie has avoided telling Tim anything about the previous men in her life – and she knows very little about his life, either.
After pointing out that Susie is persuasive and competitive, likes being the centre of attention and enjoys taking risks – all characteristics of psychopaths – Tim realises that Susie’s previous partners have lasted for an average of three years; he is very close to his best-before date.
He persuades her to reveal the secrets of her past, but while she does this, it becomes clear that Tim too has many psychopathic qualities.
By the time DI Walsh arrives unexpectedly, both Tim and Susie are becoming concerned about the other’s intentions towards them. Things come to a head…

It was great to see this play come to life – even if we were congratulated by an adjudicator on the sheer awfulness of the set.

Brenda Read-Brown, Writer and Director.

As the first show I’ve taken part in competitively, I couldn’t have asked to be in a better play than Psychopath! Rehearsals were such a laugh, Brenda’s script was great fun to act from, and getting to perform at the Worcester One Act Play Festival representing TADS was an experience I’ll never forget!”

Katie Preedy as Susie