The Poodle Tree – 8th March 2015

A original one-act play by Brenda Read-Brown showing the relationship between two sisters when clearing out their mother’s house.

Nicola and Vicky are in their late mother’s house, discussing how to dispose of her belongings. While they are talking about their very different memories of their mother, Maureen arrives, claiming that Joyce, their mother, has been paying her regular sums of money.

Who is telling the truth?

This production was entered into the Worcestershire Theatre Festival. Marianne Gaston was nominated for Best Actress, but sadly we didn’t win any awards this time.

I very much enjoyed playing ‘the weird one’, and hope that I managed to find the balance between being a little odd but also believable. A fun little role.

Oonagh as Maureen
Watch a full dress rehearsal here.