Harvey – 7th & 8th May, 2022


Following the pandemic, TADS celebrated a long-awaited return to the stage with this inventive production of Mary Chase’s classic comedy.

Since their mother’s death, Veta has been living with elder brother Elwood in the old mansion he inherited. She aspires to social acceptance and seeks a good marriage for her daughter, but Elwood’s behaviour is getting in the way. He drinks, plays cards, mixes with riff-raff, but worse than anything: his best friend is a six-foot white rabbit that nobody else can see.

This charming comedy of psychiatric errors asks the question, just who is sane in an insane world

“I loved performing in Harvey, it was fantastic to work with some really talented individuals, both real and imaginary.”

Rob Morris as Elwood Dowd

“This 1940’s play, Harvey, still resonates life truths that speaks to us now… people don’t change, only the tools we have available!”

Peter Asphar as Dr. William Chumley

“This is a play with a far deeper meaning than the laughs created for the audience and it certainly educated me. The cast were some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and there is some fantastic talent within the group. I grew very attached to Veta and found it particularly difficult to say good bye to this very complex character.”

Emily Hastings as Veta Louise Simmoons

“And what is Harvey? The doctors might call it ‘psychosis’, but Elwood calls it his best friend… It, or rather, he, is a Pooka and his name is Harvey, because, well, Harvey is his name. He’s a white rabbit six feet tall, whom only Elwood can see.”

William Tombs, Director

“It’s OK to be weird as long as you are happy!”

Jen Flatman as Myrtle Mae